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Bare Eyed Cockatoos

The Bare eyed cockatoo is sometimes called a Little corella and is native to New Guinea and Australia. A Bare eyed cockatoo has a moderate talking ability and may learn to say many words and/or phrases. They are lovable little clowns that love to cuddle and play. Like any other cockatoo they love to chew so offer them a lot of toys with wood which will keep them entertained and happy. Their noise level is considered to be a medium noise level unlike Umbrella cockatoos and Moluccan cockatoos in which the noise level is considered to be loud. When thinking about getting a new bird keep in mind what size cage is needed to house the bird, and if you have enough space in your home for the cage.  A bare eyed cockatoo should be kept in a cage at least 32" wide

x 23” deep x 60” tall, and bigger is always better. Remember like other types of cockatoos, Bare eyed have a great deal of powder which could cause problems for people who have allergies or asthma. If you have any questions about breeding or having a Bare eyed cockatoo as a pet, we will be happy to help you get your questions answered.

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