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Black Headed Caiques

The Black head caique is found in forests north of the Amazon river in the countries of Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, and Peru. In Captivity White bellied caiques start breeding at about four to five years of age. They will lay up to five eggs in a clutch and may have more then one clutch per year. When hand feeding caiques be prepared to get pinched, they are very beaky when young. The While bellied caique noise level is considered to be low and just a good talker. If you live in an apartment, condo or don’t want a loud bird this might be the bird for you. These small stocky birds are one of the most active birds you will see. They love to hope around, roll around on the bottom of the cage, and hang upside down swing on their toys. Because caiques are so active

they need a wide variety of toys to keep them entertained. When thinking about getting a new bird keep in mind what size cage is needed to house the bird, and if you have enough space in your home for the cage. A White bellied caique should be kept in a cage at least 24” wide x 22” deep x 54” tall, and bigger is always better. If you have any questions about breeding or having a White bellied caique as a pet, we will be happy to help you get your questions answered.

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