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Red Fronted Macaws

The Red fronted macaw comes from a small area of semi-desert land in south central Bolivia, about 125 miles west of Santa Cruz. They are endangered with the wild population estimated at 150 to 2700 depending on the source. Since large trees are scarce in their habitat they nest on steep sided river cliffs. They are prolific breeders in captivity and are becoming more common. The Red fronted macaw is the smallest of the large macaws.  Like any other type of large macaw, they love to chew so offer them a lot of toys with hard wood which they will destroy in no time. Along with the toys offer them a variety of nuts which they love to crack and eat. Red fronted macaws noise level is considered to be loud and may scream for no reason. They are very

good talkers, but speak more in a bird like voice and only when they want to talk.  If you live in an apartment, condo or you don’t like noise this may not be the bird for you.  Due to their size and long tail they need a large cage. Red fronted macaws should be kept in a cage at least 40” wide x 30” deep x 72” tall, and bigger is always better. Along with a large cage a play stand would be great for exercise. If you have any questions about breeding or having Red fronted macaws as a pet, we will be happy to help you get your questions answered.

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